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Last updated: December 7, 2020

Below are the Terms of Service (referred to as "Terms" in this legally binding document) for CruxLove also known as Cruxlove Professional Self-Development Services or  These Terms govern your your use of and all of the services offered and provided by Brendan Mahan and CruxLove.  

Website and Content

All information presented on is the intellectual property of CruxLove and is not to be reproduced, presented, or used elsewhere except in promotion of the CruxLove brand.  All logos, descriptions, presentations, service names, and slogans are the trademarks and trade dress of Brendan Mahan and CruxLove and may not be used in connection with any other person, business, company, service or entity.  


All services provided are based solely on the life experience and consulting experience of CruxLove owner and operator Brendan Mahan.  The services offered on are designed to provide the most precise, effective, and helpful self-development counsel available based on that experience, along with years of research and practical application.  While Brendan will do absolutely everything in his power (within reason) to help you understand the best way to move forward, by purchasing a service from CruxLove, you acknowledge, and are asserting your control over your own life and are thus completely responsible for 100% your actions prior to, during, and after receiving any service from, Brendan and CruxLove.  By purchasing a service from CruxLove and agreeing to these terms you are asserting that you can in NO way hold Brendan and/or CruxLove legally accountable for your own actions.  

By purchasing and agreeing to these Terms you are confirming that you are interested in, consenting to, and paying for Brendan's utilizing of all of the "intellectual or intuitive tools" at his disposal in order provide insight into the surface level and practical aspects of your life as well as the deepest and most important parts of your life as he may deem necessary for your benefit.  These services are designed to be as holistic as possible and so the "intellectual or intuitive tools" and modalities used may involve or deal with, but are not limited to, the subjects of physical health, diet, mindset/attitude, astrology, numerology, tarot, physical activities, creative activities, relationships romantic or otherwise, sexuality and related frameworks, money, business, meditation, psychology, personal and/or family/childhood trauma(s), intuition and psychic abilities, reiki, energy and nonphysical reality, spirituality, religion, God and many more.

In purchasing a service from CruxLove you are confirming that you understand that although Brendan is experienced in the aforementioned areas, he is not officially certified in any capacity other than in Reiki and Astrology, and you are relinquishing any ability to use this lack of certification against him in any manner, legally or monetarily.  By purchasing a service from CruxLove you are confirming that you understand that before you engage in or apply any of the advice and counsel delivered during a CruxLove service, that many of the adjustments you may be advised to make, and many of the activities you may be advised to engage in require that you consult a medical professional before you attempt them.  Likewise, for some people who may have underlying mental health conditions, diagnosed or otherwise, some of the content brought up in a CruxLove service may directly or indirectly deal with those symptoms and/or conditions.  By agreeing to these Terms you are asserting that you fully understand that Brendan is not a certified doctor, social worker, therapist, counselor or any other type of certified professional mental health specialist and in no way are CruxLove services to be used as a substitute in lieu of such professional medical help.

These are information services and thus are designed to provide you with the knowledge and insight necessary to help you along your path in life, but in NO way are they designed to provide any form of diagnosis of any mental, psychological or physical ailment, injury, disease or disorder.  


You may be given practical or anecdotal advice on any of the above situations but again, by agreeing to these Terms you are confirming that you realize that Brendan and CruxLove are in no way responsible for your mental or physical health, nor are they responsible for any negative results or outcomes that may occur from your following or not following such advice.

Because of the nature of these services, no results can be guaranteed, and by agreeing to these Terms you are confirming that you understand and agree that all of the results in your life are in your hands.  


All CruxLove sessions include recordings of the sessions, sent to you via email within about one week after the actual service, however in agreeing to these Terms of Service you agree that you will not to upload or share any part of your recording anywhere on the internet or on any social media outlet without the written consent of Brendan and CruxLove.   By agreeing to these Terms you also understand that in providing these services Brendan will genuinely say whatever it is that he feels will help you, which, should the conversation be taken out of context or taken the wrong way, could cast him in a negative light, and so you are confirming that you surrender any ability to utilize the recording provided by Brendan and CruxLove, or any notes you may take during or after the session, against him/them in any social, monetary or legal manner, with the exception of any flagrantly inappropriate behavior.  

CruxLove may ask to use part or all of a recording of your session for promotional purposes but in such a case will only do so with your written consent.  

Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy

All sales are final.  No refunds are allowed once you have booked and paid for one of our services.  However our commitment is to the highest level of service and if you are unhappy with your experience with one of our services please contact us and let us know, we will absolutely work with you to ensure that we have delivered beyond your expectations.  

Rescheduling is allowed up to 8 hours prior to the scheduled date and time of a service.  

Changes to these Terms

We reserve the right to update these terms at any point and we will notify you of this by updating the "last updated" date listed above. 

You are advised to review these terms for any changes before each purchase. Changes to these Terms are effective when they are posted on this page.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about these Terms of Service, You can contact us:

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