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Strategic Essential Practice Mentorship

Zoom Video + Recording

Design your Essential Practice Repertoire, with Help from an Expert

  • 1 hour
  • 147 US dollars
  • Zoom Meeting

How happy would you be if your Life was perfectly designed with all the activities that make you happy? You would be pretty dang happy wouldn't you? It is that Simple. There are more than 45 Essential Practices in the CruxLove system, and the right equation thereof corresponds to Your greatest level of happiness. Essential Practices are the sacred self-development activities, which enhance joy, well-being, health, happiness, passion, energy, vitality, prosperity etc. Some of them you may engage in regularly already such as Prayer, Meditation, Journaling or Dance. Others you may have never tried or heard of before like Qi-Gong, Ritual Intention Setting, and Life Designing. Others you may have always done, but never realized they were Sacred Practices such as Reading, Contemplation/Reflection, or Celebration. Strategic Essential Practice Mentorship takes you through the process of embedding in your Life the E.P.s that are going make up the structures of your Path of Ecstasy. In this session you will gain access to the full list of CruxLove Essential Practices, as you discuss and collaborate with Brendan to you choose from this extensive list to build a repertoire and schedule, catered to your needs, wants, goals, and desires, that will launch you onto the Path of Ecstasy, and into the Life of your dreams. [Session includes Recording of Zoom Meeting]


Rescheduling Policy

Refunds are available until 24hrs prior to scheduled session. Once you have booked you may reschedule up to 8 hours prior to your scheduled service.

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