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Custom Session - Choose Your Modalities

Zoom Video + Recording

Build your own Reading! Example: 15min of Tarot, 30min of Astrology & 15min of Astrocartography.

  • 1 hour
  • Sliding Scale
  • Zoom Meeting

Choose any combination of Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Astrocartography Reiki, Life-Mastery Coaching, or Meditation Mastery Coaching. While the CruxLove Universal Energy System involves combined Astrology/Numerology readings with some occasional Tarot mixed in, some people have preferences of different modalities for different reasons and so this combined reading allows you to choose any combination of the above modalities you prefer! This way you can do Astrology and Tarot, or Numerology and Life-Mastery, or Reiki and Meditation Mastery, or any combination you can think of. You decide what works best for you! Choose your length of session as well: 2Hr (2-5 Modalities) = $197 1.5Hr (2-4 Modalities) = 177 1Hr (2-3 Modalities) = $137 45Min (2-3 Modalities) = $107 30Min (2 Modalities) = $77


Rescheduling Policy

Refunds are available until 24hrs prior to scheduled session. Once you have booked you may reschedule up to 8 hours prior to your scheduled service.

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