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CruxLove is here to support and guide you in effectively maximizing your fulfillment in every area of your Life. 


Every individual possesses a unique brilliance which, when developed properly, can create a tremendously positive impact, not only in their own lives, but on humanity and beyond.  At CruxLove that impact is valued deeply because it is that energy which causes Love to proliferate and negative energy to fizzle out.  The momentum this causes can literally change the world. 


The CruxLove mission is to augment your spark of brilliance by tapping into your soul's desires and helping you successfully align them with your ideal blueprint for your Life.  If we can get you to live that blueprint, then the rest falls into place, and you will have the Life of your dreams now.

The unique, ever-expanding menu of CL services is designed to be the one stop shop for your consulting needs in fulfilling and maximizing your brilliance, and consequently, your joy and completion in Life. 

Book a complementary, 10Min Consultation today to find out more about the CL Services!


CruxLove is the world’s first complete Personal-Development/Human Optimization company, and is founded, owned and run by myself, Brendan Mahan out of Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Everything here is based on the Universal principles, which take into account not only the physical/mental reality which most self-development is based on, but which also account for the spiritual, nonphysical, and what seem to be the intangible aspects of reality that, when understood properly, form a very clear path and map to Self-Actualization.

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